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Eye Treatment: “Great quality and beautiful package. I enjoyed the neutral scent, and the cooling effect of the texture. Feels great on the skin. Absorbs well and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky. I’ve been loving all the TARAMAR products so far! 5/5, I use this every day now.” [One of the Star Judges in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards]

Ultra-Pure Skincare

At TARAMAR, every product is crafted using our patent-pending NoTox technology to ensure they are always 100% free from toxins and synthetic chemicals. The result is ultra-pure skincare, safe and effective for all ages and skin concerns.

Night Treatment: “Does the trick! Love this product. It has a rich scent that reminds me of the outdoors. Also feels great on the skin. Good job! Enjoyed this immensely. I ran out so quickly” [One of the Star Judges in the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards]

Taramar Pure

Skincare Club

Our club is growing fast and includes globally and environmentally conscious people from all around the world. Join our club and receive exciting benefits including £ 30 towards your first purchase.

Night Treatment: “I find your products so awesome. They are perfect for my dry skin” [Dagný Björk]


Since 2010, the scientists and skincare experts at TARAMAR have been leading the way with new discoveries and innovations to craft the purest, safest, most highly effective line using bioactive compounds from seaweed and medicinal Icelandic plants. Every step we’ve taken has been based on a combination of purity and science and can now be recollected in the myriad of stories told here.

Eye Treatment – The Idea

Eye Treatment – The Idea

Soon after I turned 60, I started to notice dramatic changes in the area around my eyes.  The once firm skin above my eyes...

The Serum – Testimonials

The Serum – Testimonials

Some of the testimonials have been translated from Icelandic using Google translate. We apologize for any wrong spelling or...

The Serum: “Best serum that I have ever tested. You can feel the power of this serum straight away, your skin gets firmer and it gives you such a beautiful glow. The serum works in the evening as well as in the morning under makeup.” [Star judges at Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020]


Our goal has always been to craft green formulation so pure and safe for you inside and out that they are technically edible, and at the same time, so effective that their benefits to your skin can be seen with the naked eye. Our solutions are so advanced that we’ve been honored with numerous first prizes for innovation and development. As of today, we have received 23 International Awards from respected tournaments.

Best Organic Beauty Brand 2020

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards

Two First Prizes

Silver - Best Organic Beauty Brand 2021

Free From Skincare Awards

Green Global Makeup Awards 2021

Healing Treatment: “For years I have had dry spots on my eyebrows and between my eyes, espeicially in the dry and cold air in winter. To get rid of the symptoms and discomfort I had to repeatedly use steroid cream. Healing Treatment has changes all that. I don’t need the steroid creams anymore, the healing cream keeps my skin smooth and beautiful” [Kristbjörn Egilsson]

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