The Science of Taramar

All of our innovative skin care formulations are driven by science, allowing us to harness the functional properties of the bioactive compounds found in seaweed and medicinal plants to deliver stunning, visible results.

Unique Approach to Skincare: Marine Biology meets Food & Nutritional Science

Decades of research led by our founders and professors of Marine Ecology and Food Science from  1979 to the present (see publications),  lie behind the power of the unique Taramar skin care brand.

Taramar Science Unveiling Nature’s Secrets: Bioactive Functions of Seaweed and Organic Herbs

  • Using science, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge on the functional properties of bioactive compounds from seaweed and organic herbs, which we use to create skin care formulations that take you beyond the normal into the extraordinary.

  • Compounds to Replace Toxic and Harmful Chemicals
    Using science, we have isolated unique compounds that have beneficial properties for skin and body. We use these compounds to replace all of the toxic and harmful chemicals that are currently found in most mainstream products.
  • Natural Preservation Methods

    Using science, we have designed safe and natural methods that preserve these functional properties through production and storage, so that you can feel good about the products you use on your skin.

  • Spot-On Delivery of Ingredients

    Using science, we have designed innovative delivery systems to protect our fragile bioactives and promote their activity within the skin for results that are visible and skin that is revitalized, protected and simply beautiful.

Innovative Outcome of Unusual Collaboration

The joint efforts of our scientists have resulted in the remarkable Taramar skin care brand which bears more resemblance to food than other skin care products that are generally based on pharmaceutical technology. Feed your skin what it needs for true beauty with Taramar.

Innovative Outcome of Unusual Collaboration

The joint efforts between these different sciences have resulted in the remarkable Taramar skin care brand which bears more resemblance to food than other skin care products that are generally based on pharmaceutical technology.

Our Team

In our research we have collaborated with professors and scientists at Universities in Iceland, Europe and US. Our team is variable in size depending on the project status. Today, 2 PhD and MS students work in the TARAMAR laboratory, towards new ingenious solutions, using only food grade (edible) compounds to create new and innovative skin care formulations. Several grant applications are being reviewed and depending on the outcome, our team may grow in the next months. All available positions will be advertised.

Taramar Science Unveiling Nature's Secrets

1. Bioactives and Antioxidants

Our research shows that the Icelandic seaweed extracts contain bioactives that stimulate beneficial immunomodulating responses and protect live cells from aging, due to oxidation and free radical damage. In fact, our Saccharina extract offers the antioxidant power equal to or beyond super food sources, such as green tea and cranberries.

3. NoTox®

Our biggest breakthrough was in 2015, when we discovered a way to avoid all preservatives. Through the development of our 5-hurdle preservation system, including one unique technical step that stops all microbial growth, we were able to ensure the ultra-purity of our formulas and place Taramar at the front of the green revolution in personal care products.

2. Green Formulations

We spent two years working on green formulations to replace all the synthetic fillers and toxic chemicals with natural and organic compounds from Icelandic nature. Today, our formula is technically edible and remains stable at room temperature for more than a year.

4. ActiveTransfer

In our research using live cell models, we discovered that some organic compounds are not easily transferred across cell membranes, which prevents skin care actives from delivering truly stunning results. An example of those are large molecules, such as CoQ10, collagen and Vitamin C. To facilitate the transfer of our bioactives to the sites of action, we encapsulate the bioactives in our formulas in liposomes or solid lipid particles. The outcome is amazing with rapid improvement of the skin that can be seen with the naked eye.